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Toyota Technical Training Institute Inaugurated near Bangalore

 Sixty four students selected to the Institute
 Three-years course with practical training at TKM plant
 Education will be provided free-of-cost
 Fellowships for deserving students

Bangalore, August 01, 2007: The purpose of this technical training institute is to offer an opportunity to acquire special skills of “Monozukuri” (“skilled manufacturing”), for those students who have the talent but cannot go for higher education due to economic reasons.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Kinoshita said, “In addition to making quality automobiles, we believe in proactively contributing to society by consolidating the knowledge and know-how within Toyota to develop capable human resources and thus contribute to the development of a prosperous society.”

Set up at a cost of Rs. 22 crore, the TTTI has selected its first batch of 64 students and classes will begin from August 2007. A team of 25 staff headed by the Dean Mr. V. Ramamurthy and the Principal Mr. T. Somanath will train the students through the three-year residential course.

The TTTI offers its students a total of four courses in Automobile Assembly, Automobile Paint, Automobile Weld and Mechatronics (a combination of mechanical and industrial electronics). The courses involve practical training at TKM plant during which students will be exposed to the application of the world renowned Toyota Production System. “We hope the students will be able to appreciate various aspects of Monozukuri or skilled manufacturing in the Toyota Way. They will not just learn but also practice Monozukuri,” said Mr. A. Toyoshima, Managing Director, TKM.

The institute will be a fully residential school concentrating on theoretical, practical and physical training as part of the course. TTTI will provide education free-of-cost to the students. Fellowships will be provided to deserving students to promote excellence.


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